AGA Installations, Inc.

Aga Recommended Ten Year Service

AGA Installations, Inc. employs a fully trained and certified staff to handle all of your service needs.

We provide Aga certified installation and service for all Aga

cookers, whether your Aga is brand new or an older coal cooker.

We are factory trained in the repair of all Aga products including the new

 Six-Four and Legacy ranges, so your warranty is always protected when you

choose us to repair and maintain your cooker.

We now offer annual service packages and contracts to keep your Aga
operating safely and efficiently for years to come. Aga Ranges recommends the
following service be performed by qualified Aga technicians.


Cooker needs to be shut down 24 hours prior to a ten year service.


Ten Year Service fee
$750.00 + $0.65 per mile round trip from Bangor, PA

*Mileage is obtained on mapquest from Bangor, PA

New vermiculite, rock wool, and a thermocouple are included in
the price of the Ten Year Service.

If any major parts are needed for replacement, we will have to order the
part, and an additional trip charge will be applied. Completion of the ten year
service may be delayed until the part is obtained.

If a burner is per-ordered for installation at the time of the ten year
service, it will be installed with no extra labor charge.

*Burner costs vary depending on the model of cooker.
** FYI – Burner cost is $2000.00 for ovens 20 years and Younger **

Save $100.00 when a yearly service is combined with a cleaning
service on the same trip!

New oven door seals are now available for $20.00 each,
installed when combined with any other service.

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