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AGA Installations, Inc. now offers the high quality refurbishment you
would normally only find on Aga's refurbished for re-sale, and
we can do it in your home. AGA Installations, Inc. can make your older
Aga look years younger, operate more efficiently, and perform as
well as any new Aga cooker produced today without leaving your
kitchen, all this for thousands less than a new or used cooker.

For a fee of $1500.00, we will perform all of the following services at
your location giving your old friend a new lease on life.

A mileage charge of .65¢ per mile will be charged Cooker needs to be shut down 24 hours prior to the In Home Refurbishing.

We highly recommend a cooker Inspection with this service. We will come to
your location to inspect the cooker for $250 + mileage (if applicable).
The $250.00 fee will be taken off the cost of the refurbishment at the time of
the service. This will insure that the correct parts are acquired for the job.

In Home Refurbishing Includes:

Remove the top plate and inspect internal parts for wear and check their
tolerances, make adjustments as necessary. Remove all old vermiculite
and rockwool insulation.

Replacement of all the insulation with new.

Installation of completely reconditioned dome lids; new underside
liners, lid gaskets and show quality re-chromed dome covers.

Installation of all new doors gaskets on all oven doors.

New chrome buttons.

Remove the burner, clean and inspect for wear, install new thermocouple
and reinstall the burner. Check burner for proper operation.

Polish both hot spot and simmering spot and their rings; taking years
off their appearance.

Complete professional cleaning and detailing.

Replace oven tunnels.

We also offer the following optional services;

New burner installed: Add $1000.00 MK3 only (MK2 burners can
be replaced with MK3); Reconditioned burners $700.00 MK2 or MK3.

Would you like a color change? We can replace the face plates on
your Aga with new or reconditioned face plates: Call For prices and

New or reconditioned top plates: Call for prices and lead times.

* Results may vary according to condition of cooker.

Example of our refurbished dome lids

Dome Lid Top Before

Dome Lid Top After

Dome Lid Lining Before

Dome Lid Lining After

Our refurbished dome lids can also be provided
as a separate service for $500.00 plus
shipping. Call for details.

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